8.5 Blake, Jenna, and Avon commandeer the alien ship and uncover the mind-reading management laptop Zen, who renames the ship the Liberator after drawing the word from Jenna’s ideas. Exploring the ship, they find a wealth of advanced technology together with a completely functional teleportation system and an armoury of weapons. Next, Blake follows the London to Cygnus Alpha and mounts a rescue to save tons of Vila and Gan from the sadistic spiritual cult that runs the prison world.

She manages to capture Dayna and brainwashes her into serving to seize her pal. eight.eight A behavioural “limiter” implant in Gan’s brain malfunctions and he violently threatens the lives of the crew. Once he bellahroze is captured and sedated, Blake rushes to get him to a close-by medical facility referred to as XK-72, but the route takes the Liberator by way of a harmful gravity vortex.

As Blake witnesses the horror that unfolds, it re-awakes his suppressed reminiscences. When the government finds out his memory has returned, he is arrested on trumped-up charges of kid molestation and sentenced to the jail colony on Cygnus Alpha. Blake urges Tel Varon, a public defender at his trial, to dig deeper for proof of his innocence. Varon hesitantly does so and learns the victims’ statements were certainly fabricated.

Before Blake can convince Avon he’s nonetheless on their side, Avon shoots and kills him. Suddenly, a squad of Federation troops ambush them and shoot everybody down save for Avon. Avon doesn’t surrender, but stands over Blake’s body, raises his gun and smiles. Realising they’ve been arrange, the other Liberator crew teleport down to find Vila. Meanwhile, Vila gets the door open and he and Kerill step through, only to be despatched to a room on an historic spaceship via a sophisticated matter transporter. Eventually they discover the ship had landed on an Eden-like world and the transport machine was built so the inhabitants of Kezarn may at some point colonise it.

11min – Steven, Amethyst and Pearl by accident pop a bubbled gem and form Secret Team to secretly retrieve the missing shards. 11min – After injuring his leg, Greg involves stay with Steven and unintentionally interferes with Steven’s powers. 11min – The Ocean disappears on the first day of summer season and Beach City is in a panic.